Voices for Hospices '19 - Młynarski Kameralnie

To support the children of Amber Harbour Hospice, together with Konsulat Kultury, I Gdyńskie Centrum Kultury, Howwinga, Oficyna Sapori, Magia Wina, Ewa Makowska, and Zofia Weiss we had organized the another of the Voices for Hospices shows: MŁYNARSKI KAMERALNIE.


MŁYNARSKI KAMERALNIE is a music project by Iza Połońska and Leszek Kołodziejski, featuring Zbigniew Zamachowski and several musicians.

The show presented both the evergreens and some obscure gems written by Wojciech Młynarski. All of the songs were performed with style and charisma, arranged on the borderline of jazz music and acting interpretations, and were met with a warm welcome.

After the show, a small banquet, and a charity auction took place. All proceeds were donated to the little patients of Amber Harbour Hospice.

June 18, 2021
May 27, 2021
November 15, 2019
March 26, 2019

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