Baltic – the sea of changes! A group of students looking at the changes taking place in the Baltic Sea have decided to speak out about the problems and educate the society.


See the Sea before it is too late… An initiative of students from high school number 3 in Gdynia, located a few minutes’ walk from the Baltic coast, under the Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Gdynia. It aimes at educating young people about the Baltic Sea, its problems and counteractions everyone can take. They do it through the social media and YouTube videos, created in cooperation with scientists from: The Institute of Oceanography PAN, The Marine Fishing Institute, The Gdynia Aquarium, The University of Gdansk and more.

Next to educating, they take firm actions to show that everyone can help our sea. They sell sweatshirts and bags, of which the full profit they donate to the Mare Foundation.


The mission of MARE is to protect sea ecosystems and fight for the future, where Baltic Sea is teeming with life, not constantly exposed to the negative effects of human activity.

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