Healing power of beauty

Healing power of beauty … Subtlety, mood, sensitivity – this is how you can describe the photographs made by the author – Kamila Kwidzińska. An architect by profession, a fan of perfect and polished frame. What characterizes Kamila Kwidzińska’s photographs is the ability to convey the beauty of objects and nature that surrounds us. 


Capturing the texture, the intensity of colors, the subtleties of the moment. In this way, it builds an atmosphere that allows you to sink into the bright side of the force. Interest in photography was probably engrafted in Kamila by her father, which still was a small girl, but already artistically gifted, Kamila, and the everyday moments of family life were captured using a camera. Pictures by Kamila Kwidzińska were awarded and won distinctions. The author has had individual and group exhibitions behind her. 


As part of the project “Healing power of beauty“, the originator of which is AkcjaAnima, therapeutic, extremely beautiful photographs are filled with, among others interior of the Oncological Outpatient Clinic, a hostel for patients, and from today the day chemistry and radiotherapy department of the Maritime Hospital PCK in Redłów.


A few months ago, the Department of Internal Medicine of the Municipal Hospital in Gdynia underwent a major renovation. Thanks to Akcja Anima, the corridors of the ward were decorated with photographs by Elvira Kruszelnicka Photography.


We hope that they will alleviate the difficult time for patients and their relatives. 


June 18, 2021
May 27, 2021
November 15, 2019
March 26, 2019

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