Gdynia Passion

On Saturday 8.04 at 19.00 in the church of Franciscan (Gdynia Wzgórze św. Maksymiliana) took place a moving event entitled “Gdynia Passion – Way of the Cross in an artistic poetic and musical setting”. The mystery of the Passion was based on the artistic vision of the contemporary Way of the Cross by the outstanding Polish painter Jerzy Duda Gracz and the literary interpretation of his Golgotha – Ewa Piasecka – Sikora.


Outstanding actors from Gdynia theaters, athletes, artists and local government officials have been invited to this extraordinary evening to whom we thank very much for your time.


The event was of a charity nature, and after the ceremony it was possible to buy a volume of poetry on the basis of which it was realized. The total income from its sale was intended for the pupils of the Gdynia hospice Bursztynowa Przystań.


Participation has been confirmed by: Honorary Consul of France Alain Mompert, jazzman Przemysław Dyakowski, journalists Małgorzata Rakowiec from TVP Gdańsk and Piotr Jacoń from TVN, actors Olga Długońska – Kowal, Mariusz Żarnecki, Weronika Edmunds (granddaughter of Stefan Iżywowski, an excellent actor of the Municipal Theater), Malwina Smętek, Beata Szadziul, Andrzej Bień.


From this place, we want to thank you for taking the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek and partners: OPEC, Akcja Anima, Howinnga Creation, Energa, Radio Gdańsk, Kurier Gdynia


Many thanks to people involved in the implementation of the event and to the photographer Mr. Maurycy Śmierzchalski (Frames Studium Fotografii), thanks to whom we can return to these moments.





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